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AVX 102
Category: Accessories CCTV

This USB joystick is used for AVTECH speed dome camera control on AVTECH DVR, NVR and PC (with CMS Lite installed).

AVX 912
Category: Accessories CCTV

AVX912A Kit is an EOC converter kit capable of signal conversion, so that users can get network system functionality over existing coaxial cabling. The device is a right solution to upgrade the analog system to current digital system with low setup costs.

AVX 916
Category: Accessories CCTV

This converter is used to extend the full HD transmission distance up to 100 meters with a RG-6 coaxial cable. Also, the control signals from the USB mouse / keyboard, and IR remote control are able to be transferred. Users may install the NVR in the machine room and set the monitor in the security center locally. They do not need to have another computer in the security center for remote NVR access.

Category: Accessories CCTV

This full HD matrix is able to combine up to 4 HDMI signals to a single HDMI display with control. To have one more display with control, an optional lHD video extender, AVX916R, could be used.

Konektor BNC Drat
Category: Accessories CCTV
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